Pool Remodel Features | 02/02/16

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Phoenix Pool Remodeling Hall of Fame is our blog’s new monthly special feature section, which showcases a success story from one of our recent remodeling projects. Each month, you get an in-depth look at how Shasta Pools remodeling team can transform your pool into something newer, sleeker, fresher and more versatile while also reducing maintenance needs. The projects we feature are all genuine, documented by our intrepid multitasking photographer and published with permission and pride from the original pool owner.

Freshening Up for the Funkensteins

This month, we show you how your pool does not have to be a disaster in order to benefit from a complete overhaul. In fact, the Funkenstein’s pool (names changed to protect the innocent) looked great from most angles, albeit perhaps just a bit dated. Despite the favorable aesthetic qualities, they were not happy with the general functionality of their pool as well as its high-maintenance tendencies. Also, the decking, coping, pool surface and rolled bond beam they had was beginning to show their respective age, so the Funkensteins decided to be proactive.

Adding to these problems was an attached spa that they ended up using far less than they anticipated. Making matters worse, what the Funkensteins lacked in spa enthusiasm was made up for in spades by the local bird population. They ended up having to post two artificial owl sentries around the spa edge to keep out feathered cohabitants. While the two plaster security guards executed their job wonderfully with nary a complaint or request for overtime, “midwestern kitsch” was definitely not the look the Funkensteins wanted, so the spa and the owls needed to fly the coop.

Finally, and most importantly, the Funkensteins wanted to update their filtration system with a more powerful yet energy-efficient system.

The Transformation

This is how we worked our magic, one element at a time:

Spa RemovalSaunders After 4

Our first task was to remove the dam wall (pardon our French) that partially separated the attached spa to the rest of the pool. With this partition removed, we could open up more volume for swimmers to enjoy in the main area while eliminating a frustrating source of extra scrubbing and skimming for the Funkensteins. In place of the spa, a Baja shelf was added, allowing the Funkensteins and their friends to enjoy their pool in a variety of new ways.

Rolled Beam Conversion and Tile Replacement

Once the spa was dealt with, our task was to remodel the entire perimeter of the pool — the waterline tile, the coping, the rolled bond beam and nearly everything else. The Funkensteins were concerned about the continued integrity of their existing bond beam, and they also wanted a more contemporary look that the prior stucco-like finish did not offer.Saunders After 5

We performed an entire conversion, using stonework to replace the old waterline tile with a gorgeous and striking blue travertine accent. The new, restored rolled bondbeam and the replaced tile added extra structural integrity to the pool and reduced the probability of needing further repairs in the future. Along the rear landscaping side of the pool, stone coping was used to create a more natural, blended look with the nearby plants.

We also managed to leave the Funkenstein’s cherished boulders in place while incorporating them into the new look of the pool. Rumor has it that they miss their owls, though.

Deck and Pool Resurfacing

We needed to freshen up and repair the aging decking the Funkensteins had along their patio and pool area. To do so, we used our special Sierra Peak Shasta Deck surface, which looks great and also offers low-maintenance care.

Wanting to maintain an inviting deep blue look in the water, the Funkensteins decided to go with a pool resurfacing that used our opulent Catalina Blue Shasta Stone. The new surface made a huge difference in the color and feel of the pool, as you can see from the pictures.

Filtration and Pump System ReplacementSaunders After 3

While our construction team handled the heavy lifting and installation, our mechanical experts tackled the task of replacing the Funkenstein’s old, inefficient filtration system with a state-of-the-art one. A hefty 600 sq ft. cartridge filtration system was installed, along with an efficient two horsepower variable speed pump to go with it. Now, the Funkensteins could enjoy a cleaner pool while using less energy than before.

The End Result

Both the Funkensteins and our remodeling team were extremely happy with the results. While the original pool looked great, the new version went above and beyond their expectations to deliver a pool experience that could perfectly meet all of their needs. Click on any of the photos to get a better look at how we were able to revitalize the Funkenstein’s space.

Let Our Phoenix Pool Remodeling Pros Deliver the Amazing Results of This Project

As you can see, Shasta’s professional Phoenix pool remodelers can go through great lengths to update and improve the look as well as the functionality of your pool. We want you to have the best pool ownership experience possible, so if that means installing new features, updating your filtration systems or completely overhauling your pool’s structure, then we would be more than obliged!

Take a look at our Phoenix pool remodeling services to learn more about how we can transform your pool into something amazing.