Pool Remodel Design | 02/16/16

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We may not always feel as proud of our pools as we did a few decades ago. Back then, the pool felt fresh, with cutting-edge designs and the latest equipment. Now, looking on your pool can be like looking back to the early 2000s, to a time when stripy hair highlights and trucker hats were the peak of fashion.

If this sounds like your relationship with your pool, or you have recently moved into a home with a pool that looks like it was straight out of a Spice Girls video, then a remodel is the answer you need. Be proud of your pool all over again by using these four modern design ideas that can freshen up your pool’s image and make it incredible all over again.

Clean, Sharp Lines

Angles are in! Thick coping made of stone or brick used to be the look most pool owners were going for. Now, minimalism is the style du jour. Thin or invisible coping with striking geometry can turn your pool into a true work of art. Rectangular pools are especially popular again for upmarket homes. Add a knife edge overflow system, and you have a pool so gorgeous it stuns.

Simplifying your pool’s shape and reducing the amount of excess surface area can make maintenance easier, too. Coping overhangs tend to be one of the toughest surfaces to clean, attracting algae and providing a harbor for bacteria. With sharp, crisp angles, you can see everything there is and keep it clean more easily.

Glass Tile

Whether used at the waterline or as a pool surface accent, glass tile dazzles. This material is actually relatively affordable compared to most high-end design materials. It has the effect of amplifying your pool’s space courtesy of the reflected light.

Opalescent backing is usually the preferred choice, arranged randomly with multiple colors so that any time the light hits, the pool shimmers in a way that seems magic. Day or night, glass tile offers the brightening touch pools need to make an impact on owner and visitor alike.

Salt Water Generator, Ozonator

Having a modern pool design is sometimes about what you cannot see as much as what you can. Case in point, salt water generators or ozonator systems have the ability to sanitize water without the unpleasantness or constant maintenance that older systems like chlorine demand. Simplify your pool’s maintenance, and make your water cleaner and more refreshing than it has ever been by upgrading your sanitization system to state-of-the-art equipment.

Tanning Ledges

Not just for tanning, tanning ledges or Baja ledges add functionality to the pool, allowing for relaxing shallow water wading or giving a safe space for children to play.

Use These Modern Pool Design Remodeling Ideas and Learn More with Shasta’s Expert Phoenix Pool Remodeling Team!

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