Pool Maintenance | 04/23/16

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One of the harsh realities of being a pool owner is the added maintenance costs. While you love being able to take a dip during those hot Arizona summers, it makes it less worthwhile when you’re constantly sinking money into the pool instead of yourself. Although there is no way to avoid occasionally having to get maintenance for your pool, you definitely want to do everything that you can to make sure that service visits in Scottsdale are few and far between. Here are a few ways to reduce pool maintenance costs, including getting great prices from a trusted pool service like Shasta Pools.

Make Things Easier with an In-Pool Cleaning System

The bulk of pool maintenance costs generally go towards cleaning. Not having the proper cleaning equipment can cost a good deal of money and is also a tremendous burden on your time. However, if you invest in an in-pool cleaning and circulation system, you’ll save a lot more money in the long run. Compared to traditional pool cleaning systems, an in-pool cleaner streamlines the cleaning process by eliminating the need for you to be there while it works. An in-pool system works all on its own, and can even save money on chemical costs due to the fact that the pool doesn’t get contaminated as quickly or as easily.


Reduce Pool Maintenance Costs with a Large Capacity Filter

Your pool’s filter is integral in removing debris from the water and keeping your pool clean year-round. However, filters often need replacing, sometimes multiple times a year, and these costs can really add up over time. One of the best ways to reduce your Scottsdale pool maintenance costs is to install a large capacity filter into your pool. Large capacity filters are big money savers because they need replacing about once a year, at most. They are also much more efficient at removing the debris from your pool, which can drastically lower your routine cleaning costs. Once you see how much money you’re saving with your large capacity filter, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


Install an Automatic Pool Cover

We’ve already talked about how in-pool cleaning systems and large capacity filters can help clear debris from your pool, but a great solution is to stop your pool from gathering debris in the first place by installing an automatic pool cover. An automatic pool cover lets you keep your pool protected, when not in use, without the hassle of manually covering it. This can keep various types of debris from entering your pool water and keeps you from having to constantly clean it out. It can also make sure your water level is unaffected by rain events, which saves you from having to spend money on adjusting the chemical levels or removing additional water.


Get Maintenance Through a Trusted Service

Even if you try your best to avoid pool maintenance, it’s likely that something will eventually crop up that requires a professional touch, which means one of the best ways to reduce your Scottsdale pool maintenance costs is by choosing Shasta Pools to give you affordable maintenance services. Not only do we offer excellent regular pricing on pool maintenance, but we also offer great deals to help lower your costs even more. Contact us today to find out how we can help lower your pool maintenance costs.