Pool Cleaning | 03/05/16

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Keeping your pool clean and clear of debris is part and parcel of ownership and maintenance. Knowing a few tips and tricks for maintaining your water can go a long way towards making the experience more pleasant. Here are a few surprising and quick pool cleaning tricks and tips to enhance your summertime swimming enjoyment.

Vacuum Regularly

One of the most important pool cleaning tricks is simple: regularly vacuuming your pool. Even when you’re not using your pool, debris and contaminants build up, and using your vacuum on a regular basis (at least every few days) can go a long way towards making sure your water stays crystal clear and chemically balanced against contaminants, cloudiness, acidity and alkalinity.

Watch Your Chemicals

Maintaining the chemical balance of your pool is vital to keeping it clean, clear and pleasant to swim in. If it’s cloudy, uncomfortable to use or has a strong chemical smell, you may not be maintaining it properly. It doesn’t hurt every so often to shock the pool to kill bacteria buildup and maintain the clarity and cleanliness of your water.

Clean the Water Line

Dirt, grime, residue and dissolved solids collect around the waterline and along the tile; when you vacuum your pool, take some time to hop in and clean these areas as well. This will help to avoid the water getting cloudy or dirty.  If you’ve got walkways and cement around the pool, occasionally cleaning these off can help keep contaminants from getting in to begin with!

No Pets Allowed

Dogs love to swim; keeping them out of the pool, however, can also help to keep your pool clean. Not only will their fur clog up your filter, but chlorine really isn’t good for their skin. So by keeping the dog out of the pool, you’re keeping the water cleaner while also protecting your canine companion as well.

Keep It Cool

Warmth is a vector for bacteria, and while it can be a problem keeping pools cooler in the heat of the summer, turn off the heater and let the water heat up naturally. Not only will keeping the water cooler help to clear and clean it, but it will save you on electricity as well. When you engage in your next remodeling job, consider a natural means of heating the pool.

Watch Your Water Levels

Water gets splashed out of your pool from use, obviously, but it also evaporates from the heat of the sun. Try to measure your water levels regularly to watch for leaks and excess water loss, and replace your lost water regularly. While this tip is largely to maintain levels, replacing lost water with new water also keeps it clean!

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