Pool Maintenance | 03/19/16

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Whether you pick a basic oval shape, an infinity pool or a free-form shape, you’ll want to know how much maintenance your pool will need and how this will affect you. Learn why pool shape and maintenance are connected and how it applies to the approach you should take to care for your swimming pool.

Infinity Pool Shape and Maintenance

Infinity pools are surprisingly easy to clean and maintain. This is because they have a specialized system for filtration which prevents stagnation of the water. However, these pools do require additional considerations in terms of keeping the water clean and full. Since the water in these pools circulates constantly and goes over the knife edge often, you may experience more issues with evaporation than you would with other designs. It also results in a heightened potential for calcium build-up, which needs to be addressed through regular wall-scrubbing or reducing overflight to 30 minutes per day.

Rectangular and Oval Pool Maintenance

Rectangular and oval pools are the most common pool types, and they’re also very easy to clean and maintain with regular and standard activity; they have smooth sides and edges which don’t tend to catch dirt or debris. Automatic cleaning machines have an easy time navigating the bottoms and walls of the pool, and your filter will run at regularly scheduled intervals to keep the water from stagnating. Just make sure you engage in regular cleaning and testing of the water’s chemical balance, and you’ll have minimal problems.

Free Form Pools

Free form pools are beautiful and can be shaped specifically to complement the natural landscaping of your yard. However, their structure and form can create difficulties in cleaning and maintenance. Because they may incorporate sharp and unexpected corners and curves as well as specialized features such as fountains, slides, rock formations and the like, there are many nooks and crannies in these pools that tend to capture debris and dirt. This creates the perfect environment for algae growth, which is something that you don’t want.

If you have a free form pool, you may need to schedule cleaning and maintenance by a professional pool service on a more frequent basis than with other pool types. Fortunately, the benefits and aesthetic grace of these kinds of pools can easily offset the costs of professional cleaning.

Considering Landscape

Your surrounding landscape also contributes to your maintenance needs. If you have a lot of trees nearby, for example, you may have debris issues from leaves and bark. Talk with your contractor about the best plants to have in your nearby landscaping.

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