Pool Cleaning | 09/15/14

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Here in Arizona, we’re fortunate to have fairly predictable weather (a.k.a. constant sunshine) on a regular basis.  However, as we venture deeper into September, we also get further into the dreaded storm season.  High winds and rain can throw an assortment of dirt, debris and other pollutants into your clean pool water.  Below are our tips on how to clean a pool after one of these rainstorms, so that your swimming pool cleaning chores are kept to a minimum.

1. Skim and Dump

Even if you had your pool covered during the storm, pull it off and take a look – there’s undoubtedly going to be an assortment of leaves, dirt, and possibly even large branches in your water.  Rake any unwanted material out of the pool and dump it.

2. Check Skimmer Baskets and Strainers

How to clean a pool after a heavy rainfall always involves cleaning out skimmer baskets and your pump strainer to prevent any clogging of you pool system.

3. Inspect Your Equipment

Before turning your pool’s power back on, check you equipment.  Look at the pump motor and see if there is any water or water damage.  If dry, turn it back on and begin running your pool’s circulation and filtration system.  If wet or damaged, do NOT try to dry the equipment yourself and do NOT turn your equipment on.  Contact a pool maintenance company or electrician and have them inspect the equipment.

4. Brush and Vacuum

Once power is restored, brush the pool walls and floor to prevent any algae build up and then vacuum the pool to remove any dirt.

5. Shock and Balance If Necessary

Test your waters and see if your residual chlorine levels, pH and alkalinity are balanced (organic materials in the pool often throw these off).  If unbalanced, shock your pool so that the chlorine levels are around 10.0ppm.  As it recedes to 3.0ppm, begin balancing your water again.

6. Run the Pump and Filter

After the pool’s been shocked, you’re ready for the final step for how to clean a pool after a rainstorm.  Run your circulation and filtration system for a minimum of 10 hours to ensure proper and thorough water sanitation.


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