How Often Should I Get a Pool Inspection?

Service and Repair Resources | 09/05/19

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A comprehensive pool inspection is usually only necessary when purchasing a new home with a pool. This inspection should be done by a Shasta Pool Service professional and not a home inspector. Shasta Pools service division has over 50+ years of pool building and service experience and knows swimming pools.

Buying a New Home With a Pool

Having a pool inspected as part of a new home buying process is important. Just as you would inspect the home, taking an in-depth look at the pool will give you an idea of how well the previous owners maintained it.

A pool inspection is more than simply looking to make sure everything is working. If you use a Shasta Service professional, they will look at the overall condition of the equipment, the interior surface, tile, decking and much more. A home inspector will not have this type of pool specific knowledge.

It’s necessary to have the pool inspection done before you purchase a new home, but that doesn’t mean everything that needs attention will be fixed by the seller. An inspection gives you a thorough diagnosis of what needs attention and could also include an estimate to correct such items as part of the pool inspection report.

When to Have Your Pool Serviced

The first indication that you need to have your pool serviced is if the filtration or cleaning system is not performing properly. Another example would be if your water level is extremely high and not regulated properly. This could mean that the automatic water leveler needs to be replaced. Below are some additional scenarios where you should consider hiring a Shasta Service professional to service your pool:

  • In-floor heads not popping up or resetting in the new position to clean properly
  • Equipment is not operating properly including your pump, motor, heater or other equipment
  • Your automatic water leveler is not maintaining your water level
  • Filter gauge has a low or high pressure reading
  • Your equipment has become inoperative and will not come on
  • Unsightly stains have developed on your pool interior surface

Aged pool equipment (equipment that is older than 10 years old) is not as efficient and is costing you too much time and money. There’s a reason so many homeowners upgrade their circulation pump with the energy-efficient PENTAIR variable-speed pool/pump motor. An energy-efficient pool pump uses 30%-50% less energy than standard pool pumps and can save hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs. Plus the newer pumps have better water flow at lower speeds thereby improving your pool water conditions.

Automating your pool is also another way to upgrade outdated equipment. Integrating an automated control system is a great way to keep an eye on your pool with your smartphone. Investing in an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly pool system reduces pool operating costs and also cuts down on energy usage and saves water.

Shasta Pools Service Division has the knowledge, skill, and expertise to perform any type of pool repair for your pool. Give us a call at 602-532-3887!