Water Safety | 07/23/13

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Swim season is upon us in Phoenix and so much summer fun happens around backyard pool. While you and your family soak up the sun and enjoy your pool this summer, make sure to practice these Phoenix pool safety tips to keep the whole family happy and safe.

Here are some quick and important tips to keep your kids safe while they play in and around the pool!

  1. Teach your children pool safety basics like treading water and floating.
  2. Be in the water at all times if your child cannot swim by his/her self. Never rely on floaties or inflated arm bands to provide safety.
  3. Pay complete attention to your child and take away all distractions.
  4. Designate an adult supervisor for the kids in the pool. Never assume your spouse or friend is watching the children more closely than you are.
  5. Keep the pool clear of all toys when they aren’t in use. This can prevent a child from possibly falling in the pool while trying to retrieve a toy.
  6.  Enforce safety rules when at a public pool and teach the kids to obey all rules and regulations before going in the pool.
  7. Never leave a child in the pool unattended. If you need to leave the swimming area, your child comes out of the pool.
  8. Make sure you have all the proper safety devices for your home pool, including life preservers and a pool safety fences. Make sure they are in good working condition and are up to safety standards.

You may know all the tips for keeping your kids safe around the pool, but how about the family dog? Here are some best practices from Pet360.com to make sure your puppy stays safe around the backyard all summer long.

  1. Never leave your pet unattended near a pool. Dogs can easily slip and fall into the water, and unfortunately not all dogs are born swimmers. Even if you’re just running inside to refresh your drink, bring your furry friend with you to avoid any accidents.
  2. Don’t assume your dog can swim. It goes along with the above point, but it bears repeating—it’s not instinctive or easy for all dogs to swim. Breeds with shorter legs (think Dachshunds, Bulldogs, Corgis, etc.) are at a natural disadvantage, and muscular breeds that need to work harder to stay afloat can quickly become exhausted from their efforts. Test the waters by introducing your dog to the water’s shallowest end first, and consider a life jacket as an additional safety measure.
  3. Consider other poolside hazards. Drowning isn’t the only danger to poolside pets. Heatstroke can afflict pets who stay high and dry, and can set in quickly. It doesn’t even need to be excessively hot – it can happen on an ordinary day, if conditions are right. Leaving a dog in the sun without adequate shade or water can lead to overheating – even on mild days. Short-nosed breeds like French Bulldogs, Pugs and Boxers are particularly prone, since panting (a dog’s natural method of cooling down) is more difficult for them. Make sure your pet has a shady place to relax, with a water bowl nearby.
  4. Beware of pool water. Pool water – and the chemicals in it – is not good for dogs if consumed in excess. If they get a little in their mouths while swimming or steal a sip from a puddle, don’t worry – but always provide plenty of fresh water so your pet can stay safely hydrated.

With the help of these safety tips, your Arizona backyard living environment can a fun and relaxing place for the whole family. Not happy with your pool and its surroundings? Call Shasta Pools to start enjoying Phoenix outdoor living and the Shasta lifestyle.