Phoenix Pool Renovation Tips From the Experts

Pool Remodeling Resources | 02/14/19

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The most common reason Phoenix homeowners decide to do a pool renovation is to upgrade the outdated aesthetic of the pool and to replace an aging pump and other equipment. Renovating a pool is an investment in your lifestyle, but for some, it can also be an investment in your home’s value.

How long will you stay in your current home?

When you’re doing a pool renovation, you want to design a pool that fits your lifestyle and fits your design style. Choose features, sizing, and other elements based on your vision of making family memories for years to come. If you do foresee that you might need to move in the future, it’s also important to think about what potential buyers would like. There’s a balance between choosing what you like and what buyers in the future might like. The experts at Shasta Pools recommend that when in doubt, go with what satisfies you and your family because you are the ones that will be enjoying the pool.

Is efficiency important to you?

If you currently have an older pool, you might not even know what you’re missing out on with newer pool technology. If you spend hours at a time cleaning your pool on the weekends, a more efficient built-in cleaning system can help your pool self-clean so you can cut down on your cleaning time. There’s no reason any pool or spa owner should use more energy or spend more money than necessary in order to maintain their pool.

Shasta Pools is dedicated to giving you the most energy-efficient custom poolscape to enjoy in the most effortless way. Integrating an automated control system is the best way you can save time and money while operating your pool. Automated control systems give you the ability to control your pool anywhere, anytime on your smart device for a more efficient way to manage your pool.  

What do you want your pool to look like?

When you’ve decided to renovate your pool, first take a second to celebrate. It’s a really fun and exciting time to be able to re-build your dream pool. Before your renovation begins, make a design wish list for what you want your new pool to look like. Everything from decorative tiles to waterfall features, to large lounging steps and a place for a basketball hoop. Dream big!

There are many different enhancements and design features that can be added to your remodeled pool. If you have kids, you might get a lot of use out of a play pool with a large shallow step, for example. Here are some design features to consider:

  • Interior finish
  • Tile
  • Decking
  • Water features
  • Landscape features

Give Your Pool a Shasta Makeover

The experts at Shasta Pools have been remodeling Phoenix pools for decades. When you choose to remodel your pool with us, you’ll meet with a specialist who will guide you through the entire process and help you make decisions that best fit your budget, lifestyle, and swimming pool needs.

Whether you’re looking for a basic resurface or a complete redesign, Shasta Pools is dedicated to fulfilling all your swimming pool remodeling needs. No project is too large, too small or too difficult for the Valley’s leading pool remodeling company. With over 33,000 swimming pool remodeling projects completed and over 84,000 new swimming pools built in Arizona, Shasta’s extensive experience consists of a wide variety of types of projects. No matter who built your swimming pool, Shasta Pools can help you remodel it.

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