Pool Cleaning | 03/27/14

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There are a number of reasons why your pool water may be looking a bit more cloudy these days, from an overgrowth of algae to poor circulation and filtration to heavy rains and lack of UV sunlight.  While unsightly, most pool owners will be able to learn how to clear a cloudy pool fast on their own before needing to pick up the phone and give a Phoenix pool maintenance company a ring.  Here’s our list of cloudy swimming pool water remedies so you can apply these tips on how to clear a cloudy pool fast:

Check The Pool Water Chemistry

If you have cloudy water, there’s a good chance that the pool chemistry is off.  You’ll be looking for:

  • Free chlorine (1-3 ppm)
  • pH (7.2 to 7.6)
  • Alkalinity (90 to 120ppm)
  • Calcium hardness (200 to 350ppm)

If the water is not within these ranges, then it’s a good idea to run the pool’s filtration system anywhere from 12 to 24 hours before testing the water again.

If The Chemicals Test In Range…

If the pool water chemistry is in range, then the cloudy water is likely caused by fine debris in your pool water.  Take out the filter, backwash or clean it as per the manufacturer’s instructions, and then run the filter again for another 24 to 48 hours.

If at that point the water conditions haven’t improved, then a clarifier will help eradicate all fine debris from your water.  Continue to keep the filter running.  If after a day or two the water still looks cloudy, then you may need to add second dose of the clarifying agent, or use a stronger clarifier.  Be sure to follow the instructions on the label.

If The Chemicals Don’t Test In Range…

  • If the pH is too high: Use A pH decreaser/reducer
  • If the total alkalinity is too high:  Use a pH decreaser/reducer
  • If the calcium hardness levels are too high:  You may need to replace some of the pool water with fresh water, and switch to a chlorine that has a lower quantity of calcium.

And if you really want to know how to clear a cloudy pool fast, remember that regular maintenance is key.  Regularly monitoring your pool water chemistry and providing it with a quality and regular shock treatments is the best way to prevent cloudy water.

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