Pool Remodel Features | 08/31/16

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How Water Features Can Upgrade Your Pool Remodel

When considering renovating and remodeling your pool, one of the first items which often comes to mind is adding a water feature.  It is no secret that water features add instant aesthetic appeal to your outdoor living space.  But there are other reasons why water features can upgrade the look of your backyard, too.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Adding one or more water features to your pool scape can transform an otherwise dull pool area into one that is dynamic and irresistible to look at (and take a dip in!).  Whether it is deck jets, a small sheer cascade or an impressive 10-foot tall grotto with a roaring waterfall, well-placed water features can significantly enhance the appearance of your backyard.

Tranquil Sound

The sound of cascading water is incredibly relaxing, allowing us to soothe our minds and our souls.  Several studies have revealed that our mind subconsciously slows our breathing – which then lowers our blood pressure and heart rate – when we hear the sound of running water.  Running water has also been shown to reduce stress levels, so consider how great it will be to relax poolside while listening to your custom water feature cascading in the background.

Better Air Quality

Flowing water can help improve the quality of your air.  It releases invisible, tasteless and odorless negative ions which we inhale.  These ions have both stress-relieving and mood-boosting properties that are sure to make your time by the pool with your water features in the backyard much more enjoyable.

Cascading water can also act as an air filter, being able to help subdue pollen, dust, and other floating debris.  This can be help anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies breathe a bit easier while floating or hanging out in the pool.

Fun for Everyone

Water features are not just pleasing to the eyes and ears.  They are also incredibly fun to splash and play in!  Everyone can enjoy diving and lapping through jets and bubblers, and if you stand beneath a sheer cascade of water or a waterfall, you may be able to enjoy a much deserved back and shoulder massage.

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