Water Safety | 10/28/17

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You may be swimming a little less during the colder months, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any more safe than it is during the summer.  When your pool isn’t being used, it’s essential that you still keep safety in mind, starting with the most essential safety tip of all:

Keep Your Pool Behind a Gated Fence

On season or off, your pool should always be located behind a sturdy fence that’s at least 5 feet high and that features a self-latching gate.  The fence should extend as close to the ground as possible so that little ones and pets aren’t able to slip underneath.  Strongly consider also locking your gate with a padlock for added safety, or install an alarm on the gate so you’ll be advised whenever the gate is opened.

Tell People You Have a Pool

Even with a firm pool cover (and you should always opt for a firm pool cover when possible) and fencing, you should still inform all visitors that there is a pool in your backyard.  There may be little chance of someone getting into the area, but telling visitors – and reminding yourself – that there is a pool out there will put everyone on notice.

Lock Up Those Chemicals

The chemicals that you’re using to winterize your pool should always be stored in an area that cannot possibly be reached by your children or pets.  Place the chemicals in a secure area which cannot be easily accessed by little ones and animals, as even putting chemicals up high on a shelf does not guarantee that a child may shake the shelf and cause them to fall, or that your or a neighbourhood cat may jump up on the shelf and send the chemicals crashing to the ground.

Disable All Electrical Equipment

If you have any electrical equipment or breakers, they should all be removed from the pool area when not in use. The harsh elements of fall and winter can damage this equipment, which increases the risk of shock.