Modern Design Elements for Your Pool Remodel

Pool Remodel Design | 05/16/16

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Now that the warm weather is finally here to stay, there is no better time to remodel and redesign your pool and surrounding area. A new, fresh look and feel for your pool is all the more reason to get outside this summer and soak up the sun. Make the most out of your time sitting poolside this spring and summer with an all new look. Check out some of these modern design elements and ideas for your Scottsdale and Gilbert area pool remodel today.


Resurfacing for a Fresh Look

A popular and lasting way to really transform the way your pool looks is by resurfacing your pool. Although this is not the cheapest option, it is still well worth the cost. Not only does resurfacing your pool give it a brand new look, but it also replaces it the old parts that inevitably wear out over time. Updating your pool with new materials can make it look much more modern and last a lot longer. If you do not wish to completely resurface your pool, but still want that new and modern look and feel, consider redoing your pool’s waterline tile.


Salt Water Systems

 A new pool owning trend is to install a salt water system. Although this will not give your pool a new look per say, it will still keep your pool modern and up-to-date. These pool systems use salt to make chlorine in the water so that you no longer need to add it in. Many pool owners with salt water systems claim that the water is much gentler on your eyes and skin. What’s even better is how salt water system pools are cheaper and easier to maintain than traditional ones.


Waterfalls, Sprayers and More

If you want to add the feeling of luxury during your remodel, then different water features like waterfalls, sprayers and scuppers are usually fairly easy to add into existing pools and can give your backyard oasis a great new look. These additives bring a much needed yet calming motion and sound into your once dull and lifeless pool. If you do not mind the few extra bucks it will cost to install and maintain, then these water features are definitely the right choice for you.


Add a Pool Bar for Parties

Go even further with your pool redesign by installing a pool bar. Incorporating a pool bar will make your home the go-to spot for all of the summer fun in this Arizona heat. A pool bar offers a great place to serve food and drinks all while relaxing by the pool. This feature will give your home that beach resort feeling and luxury without ever leaving your backyard.


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Get the most out of your backyard and pool area this summer with some of these modern design elements and ideas for your pool remodel. If you are in the Scottsdale and Gilbert areas, find out how Shasta Pools can design and install the best pool for you and your family today.