Is It Time For A New Interior Finish?

Pool Finishes | 11/20/14

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As time goes on we often change our tastes in style, even the style and feel of our backyard. As pool owner’s we know that the pool becomes a center point of your outdoor living space. When you have a classic timeless pool with a beautiful interior finish this can be a wonderful thing that any homeowner would be proud to show their friends. Unfortunately if our pool’s are a little older it can also become an eye sore, whether the finish is just out of date or the it’s just getting old and breaking down. At Shasta we want to help you create the most beautiful and relaxing backyard experience you can get with the backyard you already have. Below are a few signs it’s time for a new interior finish as well as a couple of interior finishes you can choose from to give your pool a brand new look.

Ask yourself if you need a New Interior Finish

How long has it been since you upgraded your pool?

Sometimes we get so caught up in life and enjoying our pool that we want to just keep using it and not take the time to give it a little face lift. If you have been enjoying your pool for 10 to 15 years or more and haven’t stopped to think about an upgrade, it just might be time to get a new interior finish.

Does your pool match your homes style?

As time and style changes we often change the theme of our homes. If you have upgraded your home to a classic feel that will last through different trends why not do the same for your pool? The old white interior finishes can date your pool and your home. Consider upgrading your pool interior so your backyard in it’s entirety can match your gorgeous home.

Do you still have the pools original interior finish?

If you have just moved into an older home with a pool there is a good chance the pool still has it’s original interior. This is a good opportunity for you to remodel and make the whole home your own. Whether you update the interior to match your home or the landscape around you, you can make your backyard into a place family and friends not only enjoy playing in but also appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship.

What Interior is Right for You

At Shasta we offer a variety of interior finishes that can match any style you want to create. Take a look at a few of our specialty interior finishes and see how they can help create your perfect pool.

  • Shasta Stone – Give your pool a natural, classic and clean finish with this option
  • Shasta Sand – This small pebble option is smooth and gives you the feeling of being at the beach
  • Quartz Select – With double the amount of quartz than the conventional quartz option you can turn your pool into a glittering and refreshing oasis.

If you want to know more about which interior finishes we offer check all our options here and if you think it’s time to get your pool remodeled check out our great interior finish specials and contact us today to get started!


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