In-Floor Automatic Pool Cleaner: Venturi Cleaning Heads

Pool Cleaning | 03/23/15

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If there’s one piece of pool cleaning equipment can save a pool owner a lot of time on maintenance, it’s investing in an in-floor automatic pool cleaner. Some in-floor pool cleaners are better than the next, but we’ll start by looking at the many benefits that this style of cleaning system offers.

The Benefits of In-Floor Automatic Pool Cleaners

Pool owners have a variety of choice when it comes to automatic pool cleaners, from simple automated cleaning systems to state of the art in-floor systems to even hybrid varieties. In-floor pool cleaners are often the preferred choice for five reasons:

  • An in-floor automatic pool cleaner can clean pools with zero depth entries, shallow depths, planter islands and lazy rivers
  • With no leader hose necessary, your cleaner won’t become entangled around ladders, fountains, rock formations, etc.
  • In-floor pool cleaning equipment isn’t visible, helping you maintain the appearance of your pool
  • The system naturally aids in the proper distribution of pool chemicals
  • In-floor systems help circulate and distribute heated water throughout every level of the pool

In-floor automatic pool cleaners are efficient and effective, and require less maintenance than other systems. All a pool owners needs to do is empty the strainer basket ever so often and the system will continue to remove smoothly.

Choosing the Best In-Floor Automatic Pool Cleaner

The pool and spa industry is an ever changing one, regularly revolutionizing the way that pools function and work. Until recently, most pools have been outfitted with G2 and G3 cleaning systems. However, we at Shasta have been fortunate enough to now be able to offer our clients G4V Venturi Cleaning Heads. Powerful and nearly invisible, this powerful in-floor automatic pool cleaner delivers 23% more cleaning power and 33% wider coverage than any other in-floor cleaning system. This means faster cleaning and less heads being needed throughout the pool to do the job.

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