How To Winterize Your Spa Without Draining It From Shasta Pools

Pool Maintenance | 12/17/13

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If you’re deciding to shut down your backyard hot spring for the season, it’s important to make sure that you do so properly in order to keep the spa and its components in the best shape for the following season. Below we’ve offered our top tips on how you can winterize your spa successfully so that you’ll be able to get it up and running quickly and easily:

Create A Tight Cover Seal

If you happen to live in a climate where you’ll experience freezing temperatures, then the best way to keep your spa in “good health” is to invest in a “winter blanket”.  Winter blankets are fiberglass insulated vinyl-covered insulated blankets which will help provide protection against both the water and the components within the spa freezing (it also maximizes the efficiency of your spa).

Next, it’s important to ensure that the seal between your cover and your spa is tight and intact.  This will prevent any heat from escaping your spa.  If you happen to notice your cover fading, cracking or sagging, then you’ll need to replace it as the cooler air is undoubtedly sneaking its way in and damaging your spa.


Maintain Appropriate Sanitation

Though you may be closing your spa up for a few months, it’s still important that you  make sure that the proper chemical and water levels are maintained during this time.  This will prevent the growth of harmful algae, bacteria, and other nasty impurities grow in your spa.

TIP:  If you’re planing on taking off for a few days, then make sure that you give your spa a super chlorination treatment to keep the water as healthy as possible.


Avoid Unnecessary Sanitizers

It’s important that you avoid using inappropriate sanitizers in your spa.  If the company that has installed your spa recommends against the use of any tri-chlor chlorine, compressed chlorine, bromine or acid, then don’t use it.


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