How To Tell When A Pool Resurfacing Is Needed

Pool Remodeling | 01/26/15

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Along with pool ownership comes regular pool maintenance and odd repairs, which includes pool resurfacing. Whether we like it or not, there will come a time when your pool will benefit from or downright need to be resurfaced. These are just some of the signs that indicate that your pool may need pool resurfacing:

* Your Finish Is Pitted and Scarred

Over time, the chemicals that we put into our pool’s waters to keep it sparkling clean will begin to show their wear and tear on your pool’s finish. When you begin to notice pitting, scarring, or chalking, that’s a fairly strong indication that your pool needs to be resurfaced or will need it soon. Choosing not to resurface your pool at this point will ultimately result in a leaky pool (and pool resurfacing costs are significantly less than fixing a leaky pool!).

* Your Pool Chemistry Won’t Stay Balanced

A number of factors may go into the reasons why you water won’t stay balanced, and the surface of your pool should be one of the last considerations in this regard. However, if you’ve done your troubleshooting and have few to no other ideas as to why your pool is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, it may be time to resurface the pool.

* You Can’t Stand The Sight of your Pool

If your pool is 10, 20 or even 30 years old, then it’s possible that the finish of your pool is outdated and is offending your visual sensibilities. Pool resurfacing allows you to not only further prevent any future leaks, but it also gives you the option of choosing a brand new and updated look for your pool, such as pebble or exposed aggregate, that will better match your outdoor living space.



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