How to Open an Inground Pool in the Spring

Pool Maintenance | 03/20/14

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If you’re like many Americans, you’ll be opening your pool in the spring when the temperatures start to heat up and when memories of lounging, splashing and swimming in it’s refreshing waters are about to once again become your reality.  Below we’ve listed how to open a pool in an efficient and economical way so that your pool is ready to go when you are:

How To Open An Inground Pool In The Spring

1. Open Your Pool Early

If you’re wondering when to open pool in Spring, the answer is to open it early if you want to make that springtime cleanup as quick and easy as possible.  This way you’ll be able to get that pool water chemically balanced before the hot temperatures and increased sunlight gives bacteria and algae a chance to grow.

2. Remove The Cover

If there is any water or debris on top of your cover, make sure that it is removed prior to removing the cover.  Then take the cover from one end of the pool and fold it in half.  Take the cover again and fold it in half again.  Continue this process until it’s easy to remove from the pool.

3. Remove Winter Plugs

If you placed winter plugs in any step jets and return lines, take them out.  Though unlikely in Arizona, if you did place an ice compensator in the skimmer buckets, remove it and replace the baskets.

4. Gear Up The Filter System

Before you flip the switch on your filter, do a walk around and ensure that all of the drain plugs are properly installed and clear (the filtration system will have one and your pump could have two).  Replace the pressure gauge, and check the O-ring to ensure that it’s undamaged.  If it is, replace it.  If not, apply a Teflon-based lubricant around it before replacing the pump lid.

TIP:  If no water is coming through, your pump may need to be primed.

5. Test & Shock Your Water

You can either test your pool water yourself, or you can take a sample to a pool company to get a professional water analysis performed.

It’s also a good idea to add sanitizer and shock your pool to ensure clean, sanitary swimming conditions.

6. Clean Up

The last step for how to open a pool is simply to clean up!  Vacuum any debris, scrub the sides of the pool if necessary, and then clean and stow away that pool cover until needed.


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