How to Maintain Your Pool Through the Cooler Months

Pool Maintenance | 10/22/14

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Your pool may be the center of all activities in the summer, but as the summer begins to fade away and autumn kicks into high gear, it’s important for pool owners to remind themselves how to maintain a pool through the cooler months. Contrary to what some may believe, your pool may actually need more TLC now than it does during the summer to ensure that it’s ready for those warmer months. When we advise clients on how to maintain a pool for the cooler months, our list includes the following:


1. Clean the Filters

An important part of knowing how to clean a pool involves ensuring that skimmers and filters are clean and clear. Given the excessive amount of debris that comes with fall, it’s all the more important that owners get out there and ensure that their pool’s filtration equipment is clean and in good working order. Be on the look out for any loose attachments, faults, or damage to your equipment.

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2. Check Your Balance and Water Levels

Though not in use, a variety of factors can still impact the chemistry balance of your pool. Continue to check your water every week and adjust the pH levels and alkalinity as necessary. Many owners will shock their pool at the start of winter to give it a thorough cleanse.

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3. Water Levels

Also bear in mind that your water levels should never be ignored. Part of knowing how to maintain a pool involves knowing how to maintain water levels. Make sure that the waters are sitting at least half of the way up your skimmer box and fill your pool if necessary.

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