How to Drain Pool Water Before Spring

Pool Cleaning | 03/18/14

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Every March, pool owners across this country begin looking into how to drain pool water.  For one reason or another, people tend to think that getting rid of the “old water” and filling it with new is the best way to keep their pool sanitary and fresh.  But is it?  We’ll begin by explaining how a swimming pool can be drained, and why it likely isn’t a necessary part of your proper pool and spa maintenance.

How To Drain Pool Water

Step 1:  Homeowners can rent a submersible sump pump from any home improvement store for usually under $50 for an entire day.  The rental should include two hoses that are both 50 feet in length

Step 2:  Place the sump pump and the hoses into the pool, and make sure that the hose is connected to a “clean out”.  Most homes will be able to find a 3 to 4 inch pipe with a screwed on cap on their property that is situated outside of their kitchen or their bathroom.  This pipe leads directly into the sewer.

TIP:  For older homes, the clean out may be located on the wall, though be sure to consult a Phoenix pool maintenance company prior to doing so as it can cause water damage to your home.

Step 3:  Lower the pump into the pool, plug it in, and then monitor the discharge of the water.  You’ll need to check with your municipality’s laws in regards to discharge rate (Phoenix has a discharge rate of 12 gallons per minute).

Step 4: Remove any standing water manually.

Why Draining A Pool Isn’t Usually Part of Pool Maintenance

When looking into how to drain pool water, you need to also be aware of the damage it may cause. For inground concrete and fiberglass pools, not having the weight of the water can push the pool out of the ground and do costly damage to the foundation of your pool (this is particularly true if you have an older pool or an inground vinyl liner pool). It’s not uncommon for the walls of a concrete pool to collapse.  Vinyl liner and above ground pools often have the vinyl liner come away from the wall, meaning pool owners may need to endure unnecessary vinyl replacement costs.  When in doubt as to whether you should be draining that swimming pool, definitely give Shasta Pools a call.  A quick consultation could save you thousands of dollars and a whole lot more in stress.



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