Pool Cleaning | 08/15/14

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You may think that you know how to take care of a pool, but did you know that your pool could be unnecessarily draining you of hundreds of dollars each and every summer? Pool types of every style and design will be able to benefit from these budget-friendly pool solutions, starting with:

Do Your Own Maintenance

Calling up the pool maintenance man to clean your pool can easily set you back anywhere from $50 to $100 every month. That’s a lot when you consider routine maintenance duties that you can do yourself would likely only take you 15 to 30 minutes to complete each week.

The key to saving time and money when performing pool maintenance is to spot and take care of small problems before they become bigger problems.

  • Immediately take action if your pool starts to adopt a tinge of green or cloudiness
  • Replace your chlorine tablets twice a week
  • Brush your pool once a week
  • Clean the skimmer baskets, check the water level, and clean filters at least twice a week
That said, if these DIY solutions deem not to be effective for your pool, it might be time to call in a professional. The Shasta Pools Service and Repair department offers a wide array of pool services for keeping your pool in tip-top shape.

Stop Putting Your Filter Into Overdrive

Many of us run our filters for far longer than necessary, which of course increases energy costs. For how to take care of a pool, the following equation serves as a general guide for how long a homeowner should be running his or her filter on a daily basis:

(Pool volume/Filtration rate) x 2 = How many hours to run the filter

The “2” is having the water fully go through the filter twice. Depending on how frequently your pool is being used in the summer, increase the filtration time to 3.

Invest In A Pool Cover

If your suspect that you have a pool losing water issue or if you’re tired of cleaning dirt and debris out of your filters, invest in a rigid pool cover. Not only will this help keep your pool water clean and promote slow water evaporation, but it’ll also increase the safety of your pool as well. There are many different styles of pool covers and pool cover alternatives that suit every budget.


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