Pool Maintenance | 08/11/14

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Did you know that different pool shapes and the features can change what you may think you know when it comes to how to take care of a Arizona pool? From infinity pools to oval and free-form, below is a quick run down on which pool shapes require more maintenance, and which may only need a bit of a tile scrubbing and chemical balancing from time to time.

Cleaning Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are easier to clean because of their special filtration system that prevents the water from stagnating, but you may need to make a couple added considerations when it comes to keeping it clean and full of water:

  • Given that water is regularly circulating and going over the knife edge for hours at a time, infinity pools are more prone to water evaporation than other pool shapes and designs
  • Having water constantly running over the edge leads to calcium build up on the outside wall

To help prevent calcium build up, the Shasta Pool service recommends regularly scrubbing the wall, or we recommend that you only keep the edge overflying for 30 minutes each day.

Cleaning Oval and Rectangular Pools

If what you’re looking for pool shapes that are easier to clean, then opt for a rectangular or oval-shaped pool. The smooth edges of these pools are less likely to catch any dirt and debris, and they’re also easier for automatic cleaning machines to move through and maneuver.

Cleaning Free Form Pools

The nooks, crannies and curved edges of a free form make these pools the most difficult to clean as they tend to capture and collect debris in spots that aren’t accessible to many automatic pool cleaners. Many will also have special features such as fountains and rock features that will require special, dedicated cleaning by a professional.

Nearby Landscaping

Another thing to keep in mind is that the nearby landscaping that surrounds you swimming pool also affects the cleanliness of your pool. Trees and foilage are beautiful to have around your pool, but will contribute to a high level or dirt and debris that will require frequent cleaning and maintenance. Be sure to spend some time researching plant selections for your pool area that suit your backyard and lifestyle.



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