Four Reasons In-Floor Pool Cleaners Are Ideal

Pool Cleaning | 02/16/15

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When it comes to pool cleaners, pool owners typically have two choices: automatic cleaners or in-floor pool cleaners. We’re going to state our case for why an in-floor pool cleaner may be right for your pool and lifestyle so that you can outfit your pool with the swimming pool parts it needs to keep your maintenance tasks at a minimum.

No More Leader Hose

There’s no question about it, the leader hose that comes with other cleaners is a nuisance. From getting tangled around ladders to becoming stuck around rock work and water features, trying to guide the leader hose around the pool and patio can be a nightmare for pool owners. Not to mention, often times when you use a automatic cleaner the tangled hose can prevent the cleaner from reaching all areas of your pool and you end up with those few corners that are full of leaves and debris. With an in-floor pool cleaner, there’s no need for any hoses or other equipment. Simply turn the system on and it does the work for you. In-floor cleaning systems take away the added hassle of babysitting your pool cleaner to make sure if doesn’t get tangled.

Shallow Entries and Depths Can Be Easily Cleaned

Unlike automatic pool cleaners that require pool owners to manually brush or scrub away at their beach entries and shallow areas, an in-floor cleaning system takes care of this troublesome task for you. With in-floor cleaning systems you get better circulation with clean filtered water. This means that instead of trying to pick up all the debris your cleaning systems is flushing the dirt and debris on the surface of your pool up and through the skimmer. The circulation system works on all levels of your pool from steps to the deep end.

Even Water Distribution

With an in-floor cleaning system, pool chemicals are more evenly distributed across the floor of the pool, meaning that you get a cleaner pool with less effort. This same water circulation system evenly distributes heated water through the floor heads, increasing your pool’s heating efficiency. Not only are you getting a better cleaning job done because of circulation but all aspects of keeping your pool in the best shape possible are being taken care of.

No Unsightly Cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners aren’t exactly the most attractive part of you pool. An in-floor system isn’t visible, leaving your pool looking beautiful and gorgeous as it should. If you are taking the time and effort to build a custom pool to enjoy at any time of the year, whether you are using the pool or its an aesthetic center piece while you enjoy your outdoor living area, you shouldn’t have to worry about the nuisance of taking out your pool vacuum every time you have family and friends over.

If you’re building a new pool and want to learn more about the benefits of an in- floor cleaning system, check out A&A manufacturing’s state of the art in-pool cleaning system here.


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