Pool Remodel Design | 04/18/16

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The weather is getting warmer, which means people all over the country are opening their pools. It also means it’s the perfect time to construct a new pool if you’ve been putting it off. There’s still plenty of time to get your pool built before the heat of the summer kicks in, and if you’re considering building a pool, then you might want an accompanying spa for when the temperature turns cold. The question, however, is: What spa and pool combo is best for you? If you need some advice, read on to find out Shasta Pools and Spas’ favorite pool and spa combos.


Many people, when they’re choosing between pool and spa combos, are put off by a spa that doesn’t match the pool. For those who want a fully streamlined spa and pool combo, the best choice is an integrated spa. Instead of being slightly above or conjoined, an integrated spa sits right inside your pool, only separated from the main body of water by a dam. These types of spas can be placed at the end of the pool, or in a corner, but will always be underneath the regular waterline, making it fully a part of your pool.



One of the most popular choices for pool and spa combos is an attached spa. These types of spas provide the same sort of easy access as an integrated spa, but without being located within the pool. Attached spas come in two types: adjacent and raised. An adjacent attached spa is installed directly beside the pool at a matching level. A raised attached spa, on the other hand, is still beside the pool but is slightly higher, as you would expect from its name. In either case, an attached spa offers an easy transition from your pool, which is what makes them so popular.


Pool and Spa Combos Should Look Great

A great pool and spa combo shouldn’t only be about function; it needs to look good, as well. For the perfect combo of form and function, one of our favorite spas is a spillover, or waterfall, spa. A spillover spa generally comes as a raised and attached spa that cascades a sheet of water constantly into your pool. Not only is this effect visually pleasing, the sound of the water splashing can also be very soothing. Choosing a spillover spa for a pool and spa combo is a great choice for when it’s important to you that your spa both work and look great.


Start Construction Today!

When you’re looking at installing a pool at your home, a great choice is to combine it with a spa. That way, you can use your outdoor area all year round. After you’ve looked through potential pool and spa combos and made your selection, your next choice should be to contact Shasta Pools and Spas to get construction underway. Shasta is different because we treat our customers like family—the way it should be. We even offer home visits and financing!. Contact us today to find out how we can build your perfect pool and spa combo.