Pool Remodel Finishes | 04/06/16

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When you think of what a standard in-ground swimming pool looks like, you probably picture clear blue water surrounded by smooth white plaster. There’s nothing wrong with a traditional white pool deck, of course, but when building a custom swimming pool, there are so many other options available to you.

Perhaps you’re building your pool pretty close to your house. Have you thought about matching the interior pool finish to your home’s aesthetic? It’s a great way to create a beautiful, cohesive outdoor living space that invites guests from the inside of your Arizona home to the outside.

There are many types of stone/pebble and plaster interior pool finishes available. Stone and pebble pool finishes take about two days to install, whereas plaster finishes can generally be completed in one day. Learn more about the types of finishes below.


Stone and Pebble Interior Pool Finishes

There are many available pebble and stone finishes for your custom swimming pool. Not only do these finishes have the long lifespan you’d want for such an investment as an in-ground pool, but they have a lot of versatility as well. If you’re looking for an intriguing, freeform pool shape, you’ll want to pick a stone or pebble finish for sure.

While stone and pebble finishes are more expensive than plaster, they are also worthwhile investments. They tend to withstand more than 20 years of wear and tear before you’d need to refinish your custom swimming pool.


Plaster Interior Pool Finishes

 While stone and pebble finishes have become more popular in recent years due to more versatility in terms of design aesthetic, basic plaster is traditionally the option people go with for the interior finish for a custom pool, and it certainly has its benefits. Its smooth surface is sometimes preferable, and its flat appearance can look good with more geometric, less freeform shaped pools. Plaster is also generally a less expensive option than stone or pebble finishes, so it works in any custom pool budget.

However, since plaster is the less expensive option, there are a few factors to take into consideration. Plaster won’t have the longevity of a stone pool—your pool will have to be re-plastered about every eight to 12 years. Since it is a porous material, it also requires a little extra care to maintain the balance of the water’s chemicals. It also stains more easily than other finishes and wears away more quickly in highly trafficked areas, such as the pool steps. However, many prefer the look of plaster, and it’s certainly not a bad option!

Plaster also allows you to customize the color of your interior pool finish. If you want your pool to appear like a tropical, sparkling body of water, go with a light colored plaster. If you want it to evoke more of the feeling of a natural lake, you’ll want to pick a darker color.


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