Arizona Pool Safety: Equipment You Need to Protect your Family and Friends

Water Safety | 10/16/16

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As much fun as it can be hanging around the pool on a warm Arizona day, those cheers and shouts of joy can quickly turn to cries for help whenever water’s involved.  To keep your pool safe and sound for family and friends, here’s what you need:

Safety Fence

If you’re already budgeting for a pool, then make sure that your budget includes a safety fence. Every pool, regardless of whether you have kids or pets, should be surrounded by a safety fence. You never know when a visitor with a pet or children may stop by, or worse yet, when a neighboring child or family pet may sneak out of their own yard and into your pool.

Life Rings

It doesn’t matter how well you can or can’t swim.  Every pool should have some sort of safety floatation device always on hand, such as a life ring. A life ring is the easiest and most effective way to prevent someone from drowning.

Drain Covers

The drains of a pool can suck in the hair, and even the appendages of a person, especially those of young, curious children.  If you want to make sure that your pool stays as safe as it can be, then install main drain covers.

Depth Markers

Many Arizona homeowners don’t even think to install depth markers – after all, it’s just them and their private guests enjoying the pool, right?  But depth markers are important to install, regardless of who may be using the pool.

These give yourself and your guests a clear indication of how deep the water is, and a reminder of how dangerous the water can be the further one ventures in.

TIP: It’s a good idea to add a “no diving” marker as a visual reminder to kids and adults that your pool isn’t deep enough for that kind of activity

Pool Alarms

There are a number of pool alarms on the market today, each offering their own set of pros and cons. The gate or yard alarm that alerts you if someone’s entering the pool area is arguably the most effective, though there are some that will also alarm you if someone is actually in or around the pool area.




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