Pool Cleaning | 04/10/14

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Daily maintenance is key if you want to keep your pool running smoothly all throughout the spring and summer months, but there comes a time during the year of almost every pool owner when he or she has to backwash pool.  Some of the key indications that your pool may need a bit more TLC includes:

  • A low water flow (or slower to push water out)
  • The skimmer is not suctioning as well as it should be
  • Slower returns
  • The pump is pumping air into your system
  • Your in-floor cleaning heads are not popping up all the way, or the heads are not pushing debris as far as they once did.

How To Backwash Your Pool

If your pool is suffering from any of the above problems, you should begin to backwash your pool by:

  1. Turn off your filtration system and set the backwash valves in the correct position for backwashing. This way, when you turn your system on, all of the water will be discharged from your filter and go out through the backwash hose or plumbing.
  2. Continue to backwash pool for 3 to 4 minutes. When the water runs clear, turn the system off.  If your system is plumbed with a sight glass on the backwash line, continue running the pump until the water flow through the sight glass runs clear.  Return to your filter’s backwash valve to the normal run setting.
  3. Return to your filter’s dial and set it to “rinse”.  Turn your filtration system back on, and allow the rinse cycle to run for 5 minutes or so.
  4. Turn your filtration system back on, and check to ensure your cleaning heads in the pool or returns are seeing the optimal water flow.

Additional Considerations

  • If you’re still not getting a stronger water flow through your in-floor system, or wall returns, check your skimmer basket and make sure your water level is correct for the skimmer operation so there is not the chance of the skimmer starving for water and air getting into the system.
  • It may be necessary to go through the backwash pool process multiple times to get your filtration system back up and running properly, which means you can lose a lot of water.  Be sure to check the water level of the pool and add water as needed to maintain appropriate water levels.

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