5 Interesting Facts About Pool Chemistry History And How It Keeps Your Pool Clean Today

Pool Cleaning | 02/18/15

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Today’s pool owner may have the basic pool chemistry down pat, but striking the right balance to create the ideal pool water chemistry for public and private pools has certainly been a trial and error process. Pools have been enjoyed all over the world for hundreds of years, but luckily for us, pool sanitation and chemistry has kept developing over the years to provide us with a safe, fun and clean experience when we cannon ball into our favorite swimming pool. We’ll take a quick look at 5 interesting facts about the history of uncovering basic pool water chemistry and how it has affected the pools of today.

Before Chlorine were Regular Water Changes

Before the age of sterilization technologies, pools were mostly kept clean through inventive filtration techniques and the frequent dumping and refilling of dirty pool water. Unfortunately, waterborne illnesses and disease became a large problem as the number of public pools increased, which created a demand for sterile water. We’re sure glad that waterborne illness and disease can be taken care of through proper pool chemistry, so we can go on enjoying our swimming pools. Plus can you imagine all the water that was saved through the invention of pool cleaning agents?

Bleaching Powder Was The First Pool Sterilizing Agent

In the 1890s, chemical producers began producing “Bleaching Powder” to help keep public swimming pools clean (private swimming pools were nearly unheard of at that time). This powder was made by forcing chlorine gas to react with lime. Thank goodness today we don’t have to spend our pool time splashing around in “bleaching powder.”

Chlorine was Introduced in the Early 1900s

British scientist Sims Woodhead is credited as being the first individual to use chlorine as a sterilizing agent in potable water. This was done to try and contain the typhoid outbreak in Maidstone, Kent. It was first regularly used in the United States in 1908 in Boonton, New Jersey. Since then, new technology on safe water chlorination practices have been invented, for example the use of the salt chlorination systems have picked up popularity in the past decade.

Sterilization Laws Didn’t Come Into Effect Until 1961

It wasn’t until 1961 when the United States Health Service published the very first model of ordinance which governed the construction, use and sterilization of public pools.

Red Itchy Eyes: The Blame Game

Contrary to this incredibly popular belief, it isn’t the chlorine in the water that is causing your eyes to become red and irritated, but rather an improper basic pool chemistry such as a pH imbalance or high chloramine levels. This is why it is extremely important to always keep you pool chemistry balanced correctly. When your pool chemistry is balanced the more time you can spend in the pool enjoying it!

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