Pool Remodel Features | 03/08/16

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Summertime and warm weather will be here before you know it; that means suntans, barbecues and tons of swimming. As the nippiness outside starts to thaw, now is the perfect time to remodel your outdoor pool so that it will be fully ready just in time for the vacation months. When your sunny leisure-days drift into late night swims and evening pool parties, consider these three pool remodeling ideas to light up your backyard and add to your summer fun.

LED Lights

One great way to remodel your pool is to install LED lights, which can be placed anywhere throughout the inside of your pool and customized in any color. These lights make night swimming safe and fun for everyone to enjoy, and the soft glow of the LED lights will give your pool a calming and almost hypnotic appeal, drawing the attention of all those around. An additional perk of the different colors is the option to set the mood for any occasion or celebration, like red and blue for Independence Day or red and green for the holidays!

Landscape Lighting

Consider outdoor landscape lighting to transform your pool and patio into a prime lounge area and party spot. Lights placed along pathways, steps near your pool, trees and bushes will not only make it safer and easier to walk around at night, but will also create an inviting and open atmosphere for your summer parties. By using low-voltage lights for your landscape lighting, you’ll be able to save tons of money on energy expenses, making for an incredibly convenient but also stylish accommodation to your pool renovation.

Fire Pit

To really take your poolside and backyard landscaping to the next level, a fire pit may be the perfect choice for you. You’ll have all the traditions and organic feel of a campfire without having to leave home. A fire pit can be customized to your liking with any size and topping media such as stone, wood or glass. Fire pits are also the perfect means for having people over to just relax and converse while enjoying the outdoor view, particularly if you enjoy stargazing in the cool evenings.

Pool Remodeling in Phoenix

There is no better time than now to start remodeling your pool for the summertime. Take advantage of the low wintertime prices and get your pool ready in time for when it’s is needed most. Let Shasta Pool Repair light up your pool the right way with the Shasta Difference.