Top Pool Design Trends to Watch for in 2016

Pool Design | 01/13/16

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2016 has officially arrived, and in a few short months so will the first days of pool season. During this down time, thousands of pool owners will be implementing their dream pool projects to have everything ready in time for spring 2016. When their pools re-open, they will be more enjoyable, functional and luxurious than before.

Become a part of this exciting action by learning about the top six pool design trends we will see in 2016. They may even inspire you to start a remodel project of your own. So lay back and dream about how incredible your pool could be by getting the scoop on these top trends.

#1 Knife Edges

As its hip name implies, knife edges create a razor-thin border around your pool. In place of thick coping are tiny slots that allow the water to spill in and get recycled through the filtration system. The resulting effect is not only an ultra-slick borderless pool design but also a soft, mirror-like finish that looks almost supernatural.

#2 Horizon Overflows

Like knife edges, these water-in-transit features allow water to spill over into a receiving slot. From the angle of swimmers, the effect looks like you can swim straight off into the horizon, hence the name. Also called “infinity pools,” this feature has become a favorite photo highlight for resorts and luxury home builders for its unmatched beauty.

#3 Tanning Ledges

Also called a “Baja shelf,” a “Cabo shelf” or any other number of names, these shallow, broad areas located near the pool’s edge add a different kind of water fun. Two to four inches of water allow you to stay cool without having to get submerged, making the shelf perfect for tanning or lounging under umbrellas. The areas also allow for children to play safely or to launch their water toys. These benefits can add a whole new level of utility to your pool space.

#4 Colored LED Lighting

Colored LEDs can turn night swimming into a lightshow at the touch of a button. Create an impressive backdrop for a moody soirée, stir the imagination and soul with rainbow colored waters or create architectural effects with LED lights strategically placed poolside or in landscaping. Nearly any effect you dream can be possible with the right lighting system.

#5 Glass Tiles

As a replacement for traditional pool coping or siding, glass tiles make a unique statement. Their shimmering qualities can create dazzling colors or enhance the light travel within your pool during the day. By themselves, they serve as stylish décor to offer a unique and intriguing look for your pool’s design.

#6 Fire Features

While water features have become a familiar sight around luxury Scottsdale pools, fire features offer quite a different take on design accents. These permanent, gas-powered fixtures provide instant light and warmth for swimmers and poolside loungers. They also put on a captivating show, trumping artificial lights with their spectacular presence.

Additionally, campfire-style fire features can anchor outdoor living areas and extend their usable days well into the fall and winter seasons.

Shasta Pools Can Help Bring These Pool Design Trends to Your Home

If these top pool trends of 2016 have caught your fancy, Shasta Pools’ expert Scottsdale pool remodeling team can offer their services. We can consult with you to find the features you want most and incorporate them within your unique space, all while keeping within a budget.

Take a look at our pool remodeling before and after photos to see why the Shasta touch makes a big difference in how great your pool looks.


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