The Most Popular In Ground Pool Shapes in Arizona

Pool | 09/25/14

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Although it can be hard to stay focused thanks to the limitless number of options available today, pool shapes, styles and sizes are all key factors when it comes to researching and considering pool ideas.  To help you stay focused and on track, we’ve compiled a quick list of the most popular pool shapes and designs that your Arizonian neighbors are choosing when building their long-deserved aquatic escape:

Loose and Languid:  Freeform Pools

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Choosing to disobey any rules of geometry, freeform pools ideas come in every shape and size, reflecting the pool shapes and designs that the designer visualized.  Being able to seamlessly blend into any surrounding, the contours of these contemporary pools often mimic a secret water oasis or tropical lagoon.  This style of pool works particularly well for homes located in natural or rustic settings.

Sharp and Modern:  Geometric Pools


Freeform pools once ruled the pool scene, but now geometric pool shapes are rising in the ranks.  Geometric pool shapes are built primarily of squares, triangles and rectangles that are designed in such a way that the pool becomes an extension of any home’s aesthetic appeal and completely complimentary to the overall beauty of your backyard.  Given their streamlined and customizable appearance, they are the top choice right now for modern pool shapes.

Luxurious and Dramatic: Infinity Pools


Also commonly referred to as negative-edge or vanishing-edge pools, these visually engaging innovative pools trick the viewer into believing that the pool’s waters are flowing over the edge of the pool when in fact the water is simply flowing into a hidden trough which recycles the water back into the pool.  The smooth, glass-like waters of these pools make infinity pool ideas particularly compelling.  Though this style is most commonly found in homes that overlook a body of water, mountains or even a cityscape, they also work extremely well in homes that have lush, natural surroundings.


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