The Best Arizona Swimming Pool Designs

Pool Design | 05/27/14

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The best pools that we see are not only those that seamlessly mesh with their surroundings, but they’re those that have the most innovative features and designs that are pushing the possibilities of what pool contractors and homeowners can create. We kick off our list with a popular design choice for the best pools out there:

Geometric Designs

Lagoon-style pools will always be a hit, but in recent years the Phoenix pool design to make the greatest comeback is the geometric design. Geometric pool designs can be as simple or as elaborate as anyone chooses, featuring clean sharp lines and often sophisticated features such as glistening glass tiles, tanning ledges, and sunken in-pool bar stools to give that ultra-modern feel.


Natural Swimming Poolsnatural.swimming.pool

Natural swimming pools that resemble private swimming holes and ponds are becoming all the rage. The best pools are those that incorporate skimmers and pumps to circulate water through the aquatic plants that are responsible for filtering out contaminants and fighting against algae.  Whenever possible, choose indigenous plants not only for style, but to support a clean and healthy environment.



shasta.infinityedgeInfinity Pools

It looks as if the infinity design element is here for the long haul as an increasing number of pool owners and builders are looking for ways to incorporate this luxurious and visually stunning feature into a variety of different pools and spas. Whether it’s a tropical pool, a geometric design, or even a small plunge pool, incorporating that infinity or “negative edge” feature into any design gives it that added sense of sophistication and style.



Disappearing Spasinfinity spa

This was one of the many Phoenix pool designs that really caught our eye – the disappearing spa. With a simple touch of a button, pool owners can have a spa magically sink below or rise to the surface of their pool, often accompanied with a bridge for easy access.  One design even incorporated an underwater tunnel so that those in the pool could easily swim right up and into the spa area!

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