Luxury Swimming Pools from Around the World

Pool | 07/10/14

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To have a luxury pool is a dream for many and, surprisingly, quite attainable even for the average homeowner to have if they select the right features and landscaping for their pool and outdoor living space. These cool pools below may be gorgeous designer pools, but make note of their features. Many of them can be added to your own existing pool and transform it into a exquisite luxury pool!

The Pool at Grace Santorini, Greece

Greece has long been heralded for its amazing views and pristine waters, and the pool at the Grace Santorini certainly doesn’t disappoint. Situated high above the Mediterranean Sea, this infinity pool gives the impression of the pool being an endless stretch of water while also offering bathers uninterrupted views of the beautiful scenery that surrounds it.


The Pool at Viceroy Hotel, Indonesia

Bali is becoming a tourist hot spot, one which travelers can cool down in by dipping into one of the gorgeous cool pools that the many resorts in the area have to offer.  Our favorite: the dazzling pool at Viceroy Hotel.  Built above a river ridge, the glass-like water of this lagoon-style pool compliments and reflects the lush jungle landscape.  We also love the many covered and comfortable seating areas made of natural materials like wood and bamboo that are available for lounging on the warm stone deck.

The Viceroy Bali, Ubud, Indonesia2

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The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, Iceland

Should you ever find yourself in Iceland, be sure to make a stop at this natural oasis.  Located in the southwestern potion of Iceland, the Blue Lagoon Spa boasts one of the world’s only known natural underground formation of steam water, making it perhaps the most unique of the luxury pools.  What we take inspiration from is how the pool has been built to compliment its natural settings.  The wooden bridges and seating areas suit the rustic and earthy charm of the pool, seamlessly blending in with the natural rocky environment.

The Viceroy Bali, Ubud, Indonesia2

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