3 Tips for Remodeling Your Arizona Pool Shapes and Sizes

Pool Remodeling | 10/27/14

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State of the art technology and loads of creativity are to thank for the innumerable pool shapes and sizes that you’ll find in Arizona backyards today, but there are some key considerations that homeowners should make when choosing how to remodel their pool’s size or design. Apart from the obvious restrictions (i.e. the size of your outdoor living space and your current pool’s shape and size), there are some other important considerations that need to be taken into account.

  • Ambiance

Pool shapes and sizes have a huge impact on the ambiance of your backyard. Large, free-flowing pool shapes transform any old backyard into a tropical oasis, while natural pond-like swimming pools create a more understated tranquillity. Geometric designs tell a contemporary and creative tale while stretched lap pools reveal a desire for fitness and exercise.

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  • Maintenance

The larger the pool, the larger the amount of maintenance, but pool shapes can also have an impact on the amount of maintenance that you’ll be doing on your pool. Pools that have hard lines are easier to clean than other shapes because of their smooth edges. These designs make it less likely for dirt and debris to become trapped in corners and edges, and they are also easier for automatic cleaning machines to navigate.


  • Features

It may not be in your budget today, but perhaps you’d love to add an attached spa to your pool in the future. Or a water slide as the kids grow older. Or a splash pad. Whatever it is, the features you’ve been dreaming about adding to your pool should be taken into consideration when planning pool shapes and sizes. Set aside some space in your remodel design plans to allot for future features, and use that space in the meantime for other “temporary” structures like movable containers and planters.


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