3 Strangest Places Where A Hot Tub Has Been Installed

Pool | 12/11/13

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Who doesn’t enjoy a nice soak in a hot tub?  Let’s face it – we all do.  But we also know that there’s a time and place for such a luxury… or do we?  Today we’ll take a look at some of the most extraordinary places that a hot tub has been constructed, as well as the reasoning behind why that hot tub was installed in such an area.

The Living Room

Here’s an area where most of us would love to have a hot tub, but know that it’s just darn inappropriate for a number of reasons.  Not only will a hot tub in the living room cause too much moisture (and give mold a great case to grow there and destroy your walls due to poor ventilation), but it just seems… wrong.  Well, at least to most of us.  More than one homeowner has gone ahead and had a hot tub or spa installed right in their living room so that they can watch the television while enjoying a good soak.

TIP:  A number of hot tubs and spas can now come equipped the a television and sound system.  You no longer have to sacrifice the walls of your home for some enhanced comfort and entertainment!

Within A Hot Tub

That’s right, people.  There have been hot tubs installed WITHIN hot tubs in this world. The reasoning:  the outer hot tub is kept at a “less hot” temperature, while the inner hot tub is kept at a more piping hot temperature.  Instead of bothering with all of that, why not just find a happy medium for the one hot tub and forgo the construction of another one all together?


The Kitchen

And the strangest place of all that we’ve heard of a hot tub or spa being installed is in the kitchen.  Are these people eating while sitting in the hot tub?  Or are they just taking a quick break in it while they wait for their rice or potatoes to cook?  Whatever the reason, we’re sure we won’t understand it.

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