Extended Pool Equipment Warranty


Is your standard 2-year swimming pool warranty just about to expire?  If so, you may be interested in continuing under a Shasta Pools Extended Equipment Warranty Plan, where your swimming pool equipment and operational issues are taken care of, for a fixed deductible payment per call.

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The Shasta Pools EW Program (Extended Equipment Warranty) allows you to continue the coverage on your swimming pool equipment by the same company that installed it. This policy offers you a lock on inflation with Shasta provided coverage that covers most of the operational parts of your swimming pool system.

EW package pricing varies, based upon your swimming pool equipment.  All packages provide you the piece of mind that comes with a fixed deductible payment each time a service call is run.

For information on how to have your swimming pool cared for by Shasta Pools & Spas for an additional three years, complete our EW Policy Coverage Request or contact us by phone at 602.532.4800.

If you have a warranty question about your Master Pool, please give us a call at 602.532.3887. Or,  fill out our warranty question form, plus add any additional question you may have and one of our EW Warranty Specialists will respond within 24 hours. Take the headache out of unforseen repair costs with our EW Plan.

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