Relying on an expert can take the complexity out of building a new swimming pool. Click through the links below to learn what you can expect when building your new swimming pool.

Wow, this looks like a lot of steps to keep track of,
who can I call when I have question?

You will be assigned your own personal construction coordinator. They will let you know exactly what is happening in your backyard. Plus, you'll also be assigned to an experienced field supervisor who can meet you on-site to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Right now, my swimming pool design looks pretty small. Should I be concerned?

No. Because you're not seeing your swimming pool three dimensionally, it seems much smaller than it will actually be when completed. In fact, we draw the swimming pool on the ground 6" larger all the way around to accommodate for the steel and shotcrete. The swimming pool layout is the painted shape of your swimming pool drawn precisely on the ground. Our excavators use this outline as their template for digging your swimming pool. No work will be performed until we get your approval to proceed. We'll double check distances to fence lines, mark your equipment location, set the elevation of your swimming pool and mark the section of fence we'll need to come through in order to start construction.

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One of my best friends runs around in the backyard all day long. How can I assure he will be safe?

We know how important your four-legged friends are to you because they are important to everyone at Shasta Pools & Spas, too. We will give you advanced notice before the fence comes down, so please make sure your pets are in a place that will ensure their safety throughout the construction process. It is important that you protect your pets from the tractors, trucks and construction that will be going on in your backyard swimming pool area!

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I've taken great care to nurture my plants and shrubs before I decided to add a swimming pool. What should I do to protect them before the construction starts?

Any plants or landscape that you want saved should be moved before tractors and dump trucks making their way into your backyard. Remember that this is heavy construction. Anything from the street to your swimming pool will likely be destroyed underneath the tires of the heavy equipment. There is never an easy way to remove 10 to 40 truckloads of dirt on a typical swimming pool. Most of our construction craftsmen start early, so don't be surprised to hear and see them first thing in the morning!

This is one of the most exciting phases of construction. After the noise dims, dust settle and trucks stop, you will see the first phase completed and your dream will appear one step closer to reality.

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I'm living near one of the prettiest mountains in Arizona. Should I be concerned about hitting rock as they dig my swimming pool?

If you suspect you're living in an area containing abnormal soil, you may want to get estimates and make it a part of your original agreement with Shasta Pools & Spas. You can include this additional cost in your financing package or your 1st mortgage. This can save a lot of time in the process. Many parts of Arizona include what we call "abnormal digging conditions." They are not always isolated near the mountains. In fact, many areas of the Valley have conditions known as caliches. It is nature's form of concrete.

Our excavation crew will do their best to dig your swimming pool. They may find out very quickly that their equipment is incapable of doing the job. They will expose a hole and leave it open. Our project manager will then confirm the abnormal soil conditions in your yard. He will then secure 2-3 estimates and get your approval for the extra costs before proceeding. The banging, clanking, and grinding are hard on this type of equipment. The extra dollars go for not only the upkeep on the continual wear and tear on the machinery, but also the possible need for additional equipment and time.

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Plumbing and Equipment

I know the circulation and cleaning systems are important. What can you tell me about the installation that gives me some peace of mind?

You're right! It is one of the most important steps in building your swimming pool. Depending on the cleaning system you have chosen, you can have over 200 feet of plumbing underneath the floor of your swimming pool. We pressure test our plumbing lines much the same way house plumbing is tested underneath your house foundation. We check pressure readings numerous times to ensure that all aspects of your hydraulic system are safeguarded. Our plumbers follow engineered plumbing schematics down to the last detail to ensure your peace of mind.

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Reinforcing Steel

That's a lot of steel. What holds it all together?

Hundreds of small wire ties hold the network as one cohesive piece. Be careful around your swimming pool during this phase, as these small wire ties are very sharp. During the summer months it is also very hot... ouch! Keep small children and pets from getting too close. We cap or bend over many of the rebar ends for your safety. You'll also notice the steel is raised up 2-3" off the excavated floors and walls. The steel network greatly increases the durability and strength when concrete is shot in and around each piece of steel!

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There are a lot of sprinkler lines in between the swimming pool equipment location and my electric panel. Will the electrician protect them when they trench to put in the conduit?

In most cases, our electrical crew will bring in a trencher that will dig a 6" to 12" trench from your electric panel to the swimming pool equipment. It is important that you mark and/or expose any sprinkler or drip lines that must be protected. If there are other plants or obstructions that need safeguarding, it's important to do so before the excavation phase. If you need help from Shasta Pools & Spas, just let us know. We are here to serve! For your protection, we'll also ground metal windows, fences, motors and steel within 5" of the swimming pool with a copper ground wire.

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First City Inspection

What is the green sticker on my electric panel?

It's the city's way of saying everything is great and ready to go to the next phase! Prior to placing the shotcrete in the swimming pool, a city inspector will check to make sure the swimming pool location is out of all setbacks and easements. They will also examine the electrical connections and make sure the swimming pool is properly bonded. Lastly, they will review the steelwork and structural engineering. We have come to know the inspectors so well; they are just a part of our process!

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There is almost nothing in the area where my steps will be located. Will my steps look like my plan?

Yes, indeed! The steps will be hand crafted much like clay on a potter's wheel. Shasta Pools & Spas employs its own shotcrete craftsmen, so you can rest assured you're getting the best quality work in the swimming pool industry! You and your family will probably want to schedule some time to watch their handywork.

After they're done, you will need to start the water curing process, unless you have made arrangements for Shasta Pools & Spas to take care of this phase. It amounts to taking your garden hose and spraying down the swimming pool 4 times or more a day in the summer. In the winter, it will take only 2 or 3 times a day. Your swimming pool shell will need between 4 and 7 days to properly cure, and spraying the water over the entire swimming pool is an important part of the curing process. Just spray the swimming pool shell down until sheets of water roll down the sides and accumulate at the bottom of your swimming pool. If you see some small cracks in the swimming pool, don't worry. They are only due to concrete shrinkage and do not alter the structural integrity of the swimming pool.

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In Oregon, my husband and I would cuddle around our fire pit as the sun went down! When will this part of our project be built?

Barbecues, fire pits, rock waterfalls, boulder work, masonry benches or walls are what we call "Hardscape." These features need to be installed prior to the deck being poured. Gas lines, landscape irrigation lines, landscape lighting lines should be installed prior to Shasta Pools & Spas forming the deck. Many times our customers have already picked out some wonderful furniture for their new backyard paradise. If you would like to add some additional deck for any reason, please contact your project manager prior to the deck-forming phase.

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My existing patio looks really worn out! How can I make it look as new as the deck you will soon be pouring?

Shasta Pools & Spas own chemically engineered deck coating system will allow you to match your existing patio with the brand new swimming pool deck. Whether it is ShastaDeck, Flagstone, Marbella stone or Kool Deck, seeing the new walkway formed around your swimming pool is exciting. The forms provide the entire framework for the concrete that is soon to be poured. After we pour the concrete, it's time to stop water curing the swimming pool. Thanks for your help! Don't put anything on the deck for at least 3 days. The time of year will determine how fast or slow the concrete cures. After your project manager inspects the cured deck, Shasta Pools & Spas will put the finishing coat on the entire deck! If you have chosen a stone or tile deck, all types will be installed at this time.

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Cleaning Up

With all of the work being completed in my backyard, there is a lot of dirt and debris that has blown into my swimming pool. When does it all get removed?

We remove all the trash and debris right after the deck phase. You'll see the trenches filled in dirt raked out around the swimming pool. Although building a swimming pool or spa is considered major construction, we encourage our crews to be as clean as possible. Inside the swimming pool, we will make sure all the rubble is removed so our plaster / pebble crew can put the finishing touches on your brand new swimming pool. We think you will be ecstatic seeing how clean we leave this newest room of your house.

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Final City Inspection

Everything has rolled along well! When can we plaster and start filling it up?

First, we need a final inspection from the city. They will be checking to make sure all of the barriers are to code. They usually give us a day they will be there, but not a specific time. We're going to ask you to "hang out" until the city inspector arrives. They need access to your home to complete a portion of the inspection. It's a small aggravation, but it's necessary to make sure you're swimming soon. Again, some cities have different barrier requirements, so start considering which options are right for you at the time you are designing your new backyard. We can start plastering your swimming pool right after we get the "OK" from the city inspector.

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Interior Finish

I know installing the Plaster or a Pebble surface takes a lot of care and skill. How do you ensure the quality of the installation?

Shasta Pools & Spas is the only company to do 95% of this important phase with its own crews. The other 5% are some of Shasta Pools & Spas best hand picked subcontractors. It's too important to leave to just anyone to complete.

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Adding Water

Whatever interior surface you choose, make sure you follow the directions for filling up your swimming pool and spa given to you by your Shasta Pools & Spas project manager. Keep filling your swimming pool until the water is halfway up the skimmer opening. Your swimming pool is almost complete... We can't wait either... It's so exciting!

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Pool Start Up

I've never seen so many valves, gauges and knobs! There seems like there is a lot to learn. I don't want to blow it... How do I know that I am doing everything right?

Like any new product we buy nowadays, it takes a little learning to become completely familiar with all of the instructions. We encourage the use of note pads, tape recorders and video cameras. The palest ink is better than the most redemptive memory. Our staff will start the swimming pool up, show you how to use all of your equipment and give you a bunch of tips that make using your swimming pool a breeze. We will also label most of the valves and equipment, making it a lot easier than you think. If something slips by you the first time, just contact us and we'll come out again and cover it one more time at no charge! We want you as comfortable with running your swimming pool as you are with the beauty it transcends.

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