Each MAAX Spa is truly built around you!

Whether you are wanting to spend time with your entire family, or just that special someone, one spa might fit all your needs more than another. These appliance grade hot tubs are engineered specifcally for your needs, whether its relaxation, hydrotherapy, or a little extra romance. Take a look at the following MAAX Models to see what fits your familes' needs best.

Click on the model numbers to get further information. 

          781                                                              780

MAAX Spa Model 781MAAX Spa Model 780                                         



MAAX Spa Model 482

                                 481                                                             480

MAAX Spa Model 481MAAX Spa Model 480

                               472                                                                471

MAAX Spa Model 472MAAX Spa Model 471

                            470                                                                  461

MAAX Spa Model 470MAAX Spa Model 461


MAAX Spa Model 351