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My husband really likes grotto waterfalls and freeform pools, while I really like an elegant Grecian look. What are our design options and how do you incorporate everything that we want aesthetically?

At Shasta, our skilled designers are here to make the pool buying process fun and as enjoyable as possible! That's right we do like to have fun. As you meet with a designer, they will get to know you and your unique desires and needs. Between the actual design of the pool, hardscape options, and landscape options, it’s nearly impossible to not fulfill everyone’s wish list. If you’re looking for some creative inspiration, check out our online pool gallery for design options. Remember, your options are endless!


I really enjoy my time off and I don’t want to be spending every minute tending to my pool. How much time and effort does a pool require?

Depending on how you equip your pool, you can spend as little as 10 minutes a week! There are many options that can make sure you enjoy your pool versus enduring it.


A swimming pool is a big investment. Will a pool ad value to my home?

You bet! Anybody that is trying to sell their home know its much easier with a swimming pool. It increases your live-able space and allows you to start Living Life.


I don’t want to empty my savings in order to buy a pool, not with trying to save for my kids’ college and everything else. Does Shasta offer financing?

Yes, simply fill out our on-line application on Shastapools.com and we'll help you get the process started.


I’m throwing a big party and I’m worried about not having my pool done in time. What is the average build time of a pool?

It obviously depends on the complexity of the project, but many pools take less than 30 actual days of construction time.


I have a small yard, but have always wanted a pool. What are my options?

We'll design a pool that is uniquely you and your backyard. It doesn't matter what the shape or size! Shasta will make you backyard come to life!


I don’t want my electric bill to go up significantly. What will owning a pool do to my utility bill and are there energy efficient pool options?

With the introduction of Eco-Friendly Variable Speed technology pumps, you energy bills will only increase $17 - $25 per month on the average pool.


I’d like to consider myself financially organized. How much can I expect to spend on a monthly basis in regards to chemicals and pool supplies?

You will spend less in winter months and more in the summer months, but on average you should budget $25 per month depending on how your pool is equipped.


Information junkie?

Don't worry. Click here for more maintenance FAQs.